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POW is the world’s first carrier for pets, manufactured as a rigid travel box for scooters, motorcycles, bicycles and cars. Designed for the transportation of small pets up to 10 kg, it complies with the highest safety standards and the provisions of the Italian Highway Code.  POW will allow your pet to travel comfortably without  distraction to the driver, and in the safest way possible.


Fitted with vents and a closable porthole, POW allows the animal to poke its head out safely thanks to an internal leash that clips easily to the animal’s collar. Available in many colour modifications, POW fastens to the motorcycle via a universal mounting plate with a simple click, enabling you to carry your little friend in safety and in comfort by scooter, motorcycle, bicycle or car.


It can also be used as a trunk and is lockable by key.


With POW, you will receive a universal mounting plate adaptable to every scooter/motorcycle, for easy installation in either direction of travel.

POW redefines safety standards on two wheels for your dog, ensuring protection for the pet and ease-of-use for the owner. POW can also be used as a simple trunk or helmet compartment, with room for two jet helmets.




POW is a multi-purpose product that can even be mounted to any standard rack on your bicycle. Thanks to the universal mounting plate and hardware, supplied with POW, installation is made easy with only four screws





POW is car friendly too. By straping the seatbelt through the carrying handle, your pet can be safely secured in both the front and the back.  
POW increases your pets safety In case of an accident, and at the same time limits any distraction to the driver.



It's really easy to assemble your POW! You can download the instructions HERE. For any questions, feel free to call us or send us an email!


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